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The act of renting a movie and burning it as soon as you get home and then returning it so you can repeat the process.
Tom : "Man I don't have any good movies here."

Jack : "Say, you should burn and return like me..........I have thousands of "back-ups" I ripped from DVD's from Blockbuster."
by civicsi99 December 29, 2005
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Burn and Return, v. to burn and return, burned and returned, burning and returning

1. The act of visiting a public library, checking out a CD or DVD, burning it to your home computer for extended usage, and returning the said media item.
2. The act of borrowing trees, consuming an amount less than or equal to 50% of the total cannabis, and returning the remaining >50% to its original owner.
1. Guy 1: I'm making a run out to the library. You wanna come?
Guy 2: Nigga, I don't read.
Guy 1: No shit, Sherlock. I'm going to burn and return.
Guy 2: Well fuckin' 'a. That changes everything. Lemme grab my sneaks.

2. Stingy bastard to "friend": What the fuck is this shit? You blazed the whole dime! Shit man, this ain't no burn and return. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Smoke the bag?!
by SHSK April 29, 2008
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