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A phrase referring to reefer and driving. Imagine yourself cruising in your car with the windows up, or part of the way down, smoking it up and just cruising along a road. In Westchester, youth have actually defined certain areas and roads as burn cruise areas. Rock on ^_^
I'm gonna jump in the ford and go on a burn cruise with my homies down to Yonkers.
by Sanguinairius October 21, 2004
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Most often refers to the act of smoking marijuana while driving. Common location is generally an unpopulated area or backcountry road. In reality, a TRUE burn cruise consists of leaving and returning to the original location without stopping; the sole purpose of using the car is as a smoking venue. Length of drive may vary from a few minutes to a few hours depending on fuel efficiency and the ability to acquire a friends/parents gas card.
Person A: What are you doing tonight?
Person B: Hopefully smoking marijuana.
Person A: That sounds delightful. I will pick you up in 10 min and we'll burn cruise it.
by Got doja? November 28, 2009
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a usually destination-less drive with the sole purpose of partaking herb. Often times a result of having no other safe place to burn. Characterized by driving under the speed limit, becoming (un)intentionally lost, and around 2-4 very high looking individuals.
aaaww man, i got some dank i wanna burn but my parents are home!

fuck it, lets take the caddy for a burn cruise!
by 420247420420420 February 25, 2010
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When you smoke the devils lettuce well going on a cruise

Mainly used in the fox valley and tricity area as a more specific term than roady
by Genesis8191 July 18, 2018
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BurnCruise: To smoke Marijuana and ONLY Marijuana while moving in a motor vechile
Wad Up Homie, Lets boot outta town and take a BurnCruise and see some new sites and places to see.
by Tzs April 24, 2006
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