A baggie of white substance sold as cocaine usually containing a high proportion of baking soda or baby laxatives with little to no cocaine in it.
John sold me a fucking burn bag, im going to kill him!
by brok0 April 12, 2009
A container into which CIA, FBI, NSA personnel and others place sensitive or classified working materials, shredded or not, to be destroyed on a regular schedule--daily or more often.
"As soon as you've finished reading that transcript of the President's private comments to the Prime Minister, be certain it goes into the burn bag."
by The Mekon May 23, 2006
when you put your balls on someones head and shake them till it leaves an indian burn
i tea bagged a head and moved them rapidly on his head till it got a bean bag burn mark on it
by giggle nutts May 3, 2011
A complete and utterly useless person, an asshat.
That second class on the midwatch is fucking burn bag.
by botch casually February 20, 2015