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Somebody who works in a fast-food outlet flipping hamburgers, possibly lacking the ability to do anything much more mentally taxing. Also loosely applied to other unqualified, unmotivated workers who come into contact with customers. Anybody who is forced to talk to the public while wearing a baseball cap bearing the company logo (and who is not a baseball player) probably qualifies.
I wanted a cup of hot coffee, but the burger flipper behind the counter said they only sell cold coffee now, in case people sue.
by Linton November 06, 2003
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Someone who is usually forced into working at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet while attending college. serving overweight/unhealthy morons with little to no respect for other human beings, all while maintaining a good attitude and polite demeanor. Harbors vast potential for becoming successful and productivity.
Wow its hard to believe that that burger flipper is going to be diagnosing me with diabetes in just a few short months.
by smartassmcgee March 27, 2015
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A lazy 18+ year-old fast food worker with no goals.
A dummy blockhead with no goals that intends to be a burgerflipper all their life.
by trudattt December 17, 2009
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