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The useless scraps of red tape, spurious documentation, signatures, human signatories, telephone messages, Post-It(TM) notes, faxes, LOIs, MOUs and other detritus that are necessary in order to navigate a needlessly bureaucratic organization.
"Bring that stack of bureaucrap to the vendor meeting. Corporate Counsel needs to know that we dotted our "i"s on this one."
by Hoto Parker February 27, 2006
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A lazy, paper-shuffling government worker. Bureaucrap's main duty is spending all money they are allotted by any means necessary, then asking for more the next fiscal year. Bureaucraps perpetuate the problems they are assigned to solve, as this is job security.
Upon realizing there was still $200,000 in the department's budget, bureaucrap Dan successfully arranged five seminars dealing with "Diversity in a Mid-Level Management Paradigm."
by Tuftskins April 29, 2009
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(verb) The act of putting an idea, proposal or document through examination by a bureaucracy or bureaucratically minded administrator.
"I had a great idea but I don't know what it'll look like once management gets done bureaucrapping all over it."
by ak4mc September 05, 2011
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The large amount of unnecessary paperwork generated by a government agency that litters the desks, offices, and email accounts of anyone who conducts business with them.

Usually consists of copious amounts of forms to get permission to fill out other forms that require multiple levels of approval along with original signatures of individuals who are on vacation for a duration of which negates the original intent of completing the form.
John D. compiled a large amount of bureaucrap on his desk in a desperate attempt to notify the Army Corps of Engineers that concrete will in fact get hard when water is added.

A large file cabinet full of bureaucrap fell over which resulted in the death of a young boy. During the impending investigation the file cabinet along with the bureaucrap it contained was confiscated and impounded. This caused an emergency meeting of the involved parties to determine if the confiscation of all the bureaucrap will effect project completion and the cost impact of losing the important bureaucrap. It was determined that the confiscation of the file cabinet resulted in a increase of production due to the removal of clutter from the office and a cost savings due to not having to pay some one to store it at project completion.
by The Submittler December 09, 2010
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