A vagina that looks like a bum.
all lips are inside, just the slit shows.
That chicks cunt looks like a baby's butt...
Oh, so she's got a bunt eh???
by Jeff Snow May 07, 2007
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The area between a woman's anus and vagina. The word derives from the merging of the slang terms that commonly describe these areas known as "Butt" and "Cunt."

Known on the male body as the "gooch" although the BUNT is much more fascinating with it's secretion like smells and pulsating vulva dispensary.
"I'm going to fuck that girl in the bunt."

"Stop being such a bunt!"

"That bunt smells like vandercunt!"
by slimsucka May 20, 2009
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1. An interaction with a member of the opposite sex that does not lead to hooking up but lays the groundwork for hooking up in the future.

2. Not hooking up but putting yourself in a position to in the future.
Dude 1: So did you get any on that date last night?

Dude 2: No but I did lay down a nice bunt.
by BadgerFox December 19, 2008
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synonym to copulate
wild intercourse without emotion.
The word used to describe sex on a one night stand.
by The One February 02, 2004
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An extension of the stomach, usually tucked over ones jeans. Means "Butt in the front".
"Whoa, check out the bunt on that fat ass!"
by Chris_666 July 26, 2005
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