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Derived from the phrase "butt funnel" and inspired by Bunnell, FL, bunneling is the act of absorbing alcohol through ones butt, either through the use a funnel or more commonly a liquor soaked tampon. This method has been speculated to get you drunk 7x faster than normal oral consumption, however has been said to be very dangerous because unlike typical consumption alcohol poisoning cannot be halted by puking.
Joe: Exams are over, let's get really wasted tonight!
Jim: Hell yeah, I brought my funnel and some vodka!
Joe: Beer Bongs?
Jim: No way man! Its for bunnels!

Joe: Oh man, I shit straight liquor this morning.
Jim: Too many bunnels last night?
by bunnel_masta November 16, 2011
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The act of transfering shit from one's anus to another's anus by inserting a tub in the anus and shitting into it while the other end of the tube is inserted into the other's anus ready to accept the shit.
Little Timmy and Tommy love to bunnel!! Timmy usually sends and Tommy receives.
by Ghost Rider January 06, 2006
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