lesbian sex; when the vaginas of two female sex partners smack together during sexual intercourse, often swapping fluids and debris.
I was trying to sleep, but the lesbians next door were bumpin uglies all night and the sloppy smacking noises were echoing too loudly
by lunchemz May 18, 2005
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The mating ritual of two people resembling beached whales resulting in an ugly, sometimes turtle-like scraggly offspring.
Bumpin Uglies. That girl is a perfect example.
by Tardified July 29, 2010
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Refers to the phenomenon of two extremely unattractive people having sexual intercourse.
Person 1: Wow! Your neighbors, the husband and wife pair, sure are ugly.
Person 2: Yes, they are. And, guess what? The walls are so thin in this place that I heard them having sex last night.
Person 1: Ugh! The sound of "uglies bumpin' uglies" brings terrible images to mind. Awful!
by August 27, 2021
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