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lesbian sex; the act of two vaginas bumping against one another during sexual intercourse, usually accompanied by the splattering of a white, creamy fishy fluid. (See: bumpin uglies).
By the looks of the stains on the carpet, someone had spilt a dish of creamy alfredo seafood-but it was just the juices from your mom and her girlfriend clam smacking in the living room.
by lunchemz May 18, 2005
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The white, chunky discharge that sprays from a woman's vagina whenever she is excited or laugh's too hard.
Your mom busted up laughing and could hardly contained the pooter cheese as it sprayed out of her cooter.
by lunchemz June 01, 2005
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lesbian sex; when the vaginas of two female sex partners smack together during sexual intercourse, often swapping fluids and debris.
I was trying to sleep, but the lesbians next door were bumpin uglies all night and the sloppy smacking noises were echoing too loudly
by lunchemz May 18, 2005
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A music/fashion icon of questionable talent who straight girls are jealous of, straight guys want to bang, and homos want to be. So what if she cant sing-shes got more money than god. Her baby is probably going to be a spoiled little brat, but i still love her.
It's hard to not be jealous seeing complete white trash like Britney Spears go shopping with her billions of dollars.
by lunchemz May 20, 2005
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