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A vehicle accessory for those who lack a pair of their own, consisting of a rubber scrotum and testes dangling from the underside of their bumper, trailer hitch, rear axle, etc.
bumper balls are a poor substitute for having a real pair, buddy.
by Dr. Badwrench April 06, 2008
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Imitation Bull's balls made of plastic or metalwhich are hung from the rear bumper of pick up truck or sport utility vehicles.
I hung some chrome bumper balls on my new F-350.
by bumperman March 21, 2005
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When two men are having intercourse with the same woman, one man is in the Vagina, and the other in the anus. While they are thrusting their hips, their balls hit or rub against each others.
Boy1: Bro, what happened last night?

Boy2: I don't know?

Girl1: I'll give you boys A hint, you two played BumperBalls on me all last night.
by OfficerChip November 21, 2011
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Noun. A term used to describe the act of two men having double penetration sex with a woman, whereas each man has at least a 12 inch penis, and are standing. With each thrust, the men's testicles are repeatedly hitting each other, making a thumping sound. Commonly causes Sticky Bumper Balls.
Guy1: "Your mother likes bumper balls, doesn't she?"
Guy2: "How'd you know?"
Guy1: "Nick and I were not at your house to watch the dog."
by MarkBolo February 05, 2007
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