(noun) A sound that only people who have nothing better to do make.

The sound that you make when you don’t know shit on math.
qua-droo-bull-scrooooo-ble!!! i don’t know how to do the fucking math homework.
by alstate euey October 7, 2021
When you're fucking a girl in the ass while pulling her hair and yell another girls name and see how long you can hold on before she throws you off.
Last night I was having sex with my girlfriend and pulled the Italian bull
by BlueWombat69er September 19, 2013
Another word commonly used for in substitution for the word slut or whore
Someone who is known for sucking dick
Whoa that girl is such a snazzy bull wrangler”
by Periodically tablesxxxx October 12, 2021
When you are at the barber, getting a fresh cut, and you feel the buzzer slip and shave your hair too far back.
Person 1-What happend to your hair dude?
Person 2-My barber gave me a New Jersey Bull Dozer because I didn't tip him last time.
by Angrybarber16 December 13, 2017
The male version of a cameltoe. When your balls are so tight in your jeans that it has the appearance of a bull hoof.
Fuck man, my jeans are really crampin’ my balls right now”
“Dude, you’re totally bull hoofin’ it!”
by Bullhoofer October 12, 2022