To be treated, in a joking and friendly manner, very aggressively and unreasonably with someone to an extent that is sarcastic and unbelievable.
Really dude, you ate the last fucking potato chip. I hate you, you stink. Ha get bulied.
by big fist man January 8, 2020
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In Sabah, it is the other way to say "Boleh" in Malay.

It is an affirmative word meaning:
- Can
- Yes, can.
- Yes, you/they/... can.

(You get the point)
Buli bah.

(Meaning: Yes, can)
by Vince0110 January 1, 2022
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Buly, not to be mistaken with bully, is a fanatical Windows 7 user, but uses other OSes too, like Linux. Pro bulies use Arch Linux and despise Windows 10 existence. If you met a buly, you should go download Windows 7 before its too late...
Person 1: 'Well I met a buly yesterday, so I donwloaded Windows 7'
Person 2: 'I must see that buly too'
by johnarakias May 10, 2017
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bully bullying
buli is used to describe a bully.
youre a buli! stop being so rude and be a nice guy instead of being a buli,
no buli pls :c
by t0ru August 7, 2019
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short for 'buliaco', a nickname given to the first-born son of a family of 6 in Texas
by Buliaco January 10, 2009
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Proper nice guy. Really a tough lad!
If you’re a lad, you must be buli
by hotboyfaggot77 January 16, 2019
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When someone is being annoying/mean. Or just in a joking manner.
BIG BULY!!!1!1!1!’
Haha lol you are funny 😂’
by Smoopy123 May 15, 2019
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