VERB:to juggle balls with your tounge.
ADJ: bugglesque
ADV: buggling
past tense: buggled
future tense: buggle
one who gets buggled: buggli
my girlfriend loves to buggle me.
your mother buggles
by Aron kantu October 29, 2007
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When one tackles another to the floor, then burrows into their shirt while snuggling them at the same time as a way of affection.
Vinny: *buggles* ily
Sarah: -buggles back- ily2
Vinny: WHOO!
Sarah: ;D
by vinvinvin April 20, 2007
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the action of tackling someone to the ground, cuddling with them and nuzzling your head in their shirt.
Guy: lol. I love to buggle.
Girl:me too. -giggles-
Girl: -tackles guy to ground-
Guy: ;D
Girl: -cuddles-
by Sarahhhhh May 08, 2007
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Term of affection used to describe one's paramour. Title warrants privileges guaranteed to only one person at a time, excluding Sundays.
"I'm the Buggle!"
"No you're not! It's Sunday."

"I'm the Buggle, and I demand a back crack!"

Bugglemonster is Buggle's counterpart.
by greenrhino March 20, 2007
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To buggle is to perform lude sexual acts on a subject of a innapropriate age such exampes include: anyone above the age of 16 with someone below said age as well as any age below that with which the two participants have a two or more year age gap.

The verb of buggling
Alastair: I'd really love to go and buggle Emily.

Roman: I'd let that madonna buggle me.
by Lerriuqs August 25, 2008
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The ancient wisdom of butt snuggles. When you rub your butt up against someone like you’re snuggling them, only with your butt.
That person looks really sad, time to cheer them up with buggles.
by Bonster September 09, 2020
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