the world's best most beastiest fast food Restaurant that sells chili cheese fries to chili burgers or chili hot dogs.
Have you been to Tommy's Bugers there chili cheese fries were great!
by MikedaBeast02 May 25, 2011
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some one you think is gay or a pussy. used in the miami area.(hialeah< over town, lil haiti , brown subs, etc.)
ariel: how come u dont like victor Jorge: i dont know , that niggas a booga.
by victor ( big daddy vic) December 14, 2004
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Razor Bugers is the substance that forms inside your nose often when at high altitude or in a very dry, windy climate. They are bugers that are extremely sharp and have the potential to lacerate the inside of the sinus cavity.
I had a bad case of razor bugers and bled all over my sister.

I used my razor bugers as shirukens to fight off the horde of zombies.
by Bugerface January 18, 2011
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little crap nuggets left behind in your ass crack.
I went to give bubba a rim job and found a Butt Buger
by derk33 September 10, 2007
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The collection of snow in and around wheel wells of your vehicle. That occurs when driving on snow covered roads.
If you don't kick the snow bugers off your vehicle in time theyll turn into evil chunks of ice that could break your toe .
by Jakedified February 11, 2019
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a huge fur pie, like a massive bush and or briar patch...something you could not find the pussy hole through
I warned my brother before he had sex with that bitch, that she had a woolie buger.
by Ninja Boot Anonymous July 21, 2011
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