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Buffalo hunting is a urination game that involves an unflushed large piece of poo; in which the man or woman who is urinating attempts to slice the piece of poo in half or into multiple pieces with their stream of urine. The game is more often and more effectively played by males.
Hey! Dane didn't flush, who wants to go buffalo hunting?
by laysiege September 20, 2010
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Getting Drunk, going out, hitting on, and then having intercourse with an overweight woman.

A supreme skill and sport only acquired by a drunkard nearing his pinnacle drunkenness to fuck a fat bitch by any means necessary
"Uh Oh, looks like Dan blacked out and went Buffalo Hunting again..."

"Look at that Buffalo over their, shit they spotted us! Let's go buffalo hunting!"

"Break out the bows, we're going Buffalo Hunting."
by M.D Rice January 29, 2008
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When a group of gay males go to a college bar in hopes of seducing a drunk, straight frat boy (the buffalo).
by sirkiddo69 January 23, 2020
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