The type of slop that you shit the mornign after a night of drinking Budweiser.
I had the worst case of Bud Mud this morning.
by todd December 30, 2004
The shit that works it's way out of your colon after a night of smoking the chronic.
Man you should have seen the bud mud i left in the shitter this morning
by JerseyJohn April 4, 2003
An uncontrollable case of diarrhea, or other loose-stooled B.M. stemming from consumption of alcohol, generally cheap alcohol.
After a long night of hammering Milwaukee's BEAST, Peter woke up with a severe case of the Bud Muds.
by somuchmud November 6, 2005
Is the sticky resin and tar that you scrape out of your Marijuana smoking piece in times of desperation to just get high again. Like after your not High anymore.
Like after you finish your bag of Marijuana

Dude#1:Hey man got any bud?

Dude#2:Nah Man I smoked it all...

Dude#1:Well lets smoke the Mud Bud from your pipe.

Dude#2:Dude...good thinking.

Problem solved.
by NorthElite32 June 9, 2010
When two friends both do anal with the same girl.
Me and my best friend have both done anal with the girl down the street. We’re mud buds now.
by PimpDaddyPratt January 10, 2019