buckas is someone who is a really heavy dude. He constantly runs gay shit and sucks at gaming.
fukn buckas, you are a heavy dude!
by tronfather June 22, 2008
Can be used for intimidating another "crew" or individuals.
"brrrrrrrrrrrrrruppp.. Bucka Bucka, Click, Click, Click"
by Bubba Jefferson June 2, 2006
Spanish for “fuck-girl”
Okaaay Bucka, how bout no
by Amress September 11, 2018
A synonym of "hecka" used as slang mainly in Texas. Originated from Hilary
WOW! That shirt is bucka-mazing
by Jennifer ching February 9, 2009
Noun - a polite and sensible way of saying "Mother-Fucker". Acceptable for use in most media outlets, it cannot be censored.
"Dammit Charles, I told you to tidy up your room today, you stupid fo-bucka!"- says the Queen of England to her precious kin.
by Average Joneses March 30, 2008