Word used on Saturday Night Live's "Celebrity Jeopary" skit by Sean Connery to describe Alex Trebek. Exact meaning unknown.. for the probable meaning...Just flip the tt and the ck.
Don't be such a buck futter!
by mullett January 14, 2003
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Used my Connery on SNL celebrity jeopardy skit.

Many people overlook the fact that, while switching the tt anc ck results in butt fucker, switching the b and f results in the equally humourous "Fuck butter", sexual effluent perhaps?
I whipped up a batch of ol' fashioned buck futter with your mum last night
by Slyph February 18, 2005
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Buck futter is actually what the real Sean Connery used in a letter to Richard Simmons, but he forgot that he was dyslexic.
Dear Rihcrad,
I know yuo are a buck futter, but yuo are stlil a graet guy.
by sajor March 01, 2005
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a phrase used in a skit in saturday night live by shawn connory
smithappens.com/ video_celebrityjeopardy.php

here is a link to the skit

alex trebek is a buck futter!
by shawn im so kool October 22, 2005
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