buchona is the feminine of buchón (below)

A buchona is a strikingly good looking woman who tends to be the girlfriend/love interest of a gangster. Their every whim is attended to by the gangster and in turn she fulfills all his fantasies in return for the excessive lifestyle he gives her.

bu·chón Both Genders - Noun - Singular
ambitious person; Synonyms: ambicioso, codiciador, persona ambiciosa

buchón Adjective
gluttonous; Synonyms: comelón, goloso, comilón, glotón, hartón, tragador, comedor, tragón; Se dice de quien come mucho o desordenadamente. Tragón o tragona, glotón o glotona.\r\n
ambitious; Synonyms: ambicioso, de altos vuelos, de mucho vuelo; Que anhela fervientemente algo.
potbellied; Synonyms: barrigón, barrigudo, con el vientre hinchado, panzón; figurado. Se dice de la persona que tiene el vientre abultado, parecido al buche de una paloma buchona que hincha mucho el buche.
That hot chick in the telenovela is a buchona.
by mediterraneo1234 October 14, 2011
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Bad Asz Bihh with Black Hair, Thick lips ,flamboyant, curvy body and boss
The owner is a buchona
by Buchona Lyfe November 9, 2022
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Narco Wife. The wife of a Mexican Drug Lord. A woman whose sugar daddy is a Mexican man that sells drugs. Some Latinas glorify this lifestyle and try to act like being a “buchona” is cool. But in real life it’s dangerous and not a very good ideology for young women to aspire to.

Bottom line, a buchona can afford brand name clothing, birkin bags, and plastic surgery because her man pays for her to get fake titties or a big fake ass, or a BBL transferring her fat from her belly to her ass so he can show her off like a trophy wife in his mamalona and take her out to eat to fancy restaurants.

It’s basically gaudy fashion for Mexican drug dealing new money.

It’s not new to want to be kept by a man. There is nothing feminist about this. Just a leech off the sad Drug Dealing lifestyle of Mexican women. Also usually victims of lots of misogynistic men and domestic violence victims.
Ay, la Jenny 69 dice que es una paisa princess, pero nomás es una buchona que vive de sus fans involucrados en el Narcotraffico. Es una buchona.

English: “Jenny69 is a self-proclaimed buchona” meaning she’s admitting that she loves to flaunt her sexy body in exchange for the attention of drug dealers and attract their money.
by ChicanaFeliz October 4, 2021
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A colloquial term used in Mexico to refer to women of low social status who are, or aspire to be, mob wives.

Buchonas tend to be very gaudy in appearance. Their long hair is always dyed either a cheap jet-black or a cheap, brassy "blonde". Their make up is heavy with thick, drawn-in eyebrows, bright rouge/blush, pale foundation, and red lips. Their bodies are heavily surgically modified and they love wearing long, acrylic, rhine-stone covered nails in hopes of attracting buchón men.

They tend to drive around in large trucks or SUVs with tinted windows blaring banda or corridos, an awful musical genre that seems to appeal to the working classes and the flashy, new money crowds of questionable incomes.

These women usually come from the northern Mexican state of Sinaloa but can, unfortunately, be found throughout the entire country and in certain parts of the United States.
Person #1: Ew, why did they allow that buchona in this restaurant?

Person #2: They're probably scared of her buchón boyfriend. She thinks she looks good but she looks like an ugly, rural town version of Kim Kardashian that was stung by a thousand bees, fell in a radioactive lake and was rescued and dressed by a New Jersey hooker stylist.
by chloemx November 14, 2018
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Buchona means “cuello grande” translates to big neck or fat neck. It originated in Sinaloa
by Jesslyn385 October 20, 2021
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