A very happy or overly energetic person. A derogatory term for student workers who give tours on college campuses.
This goddamn bubbly and their group got in my way and made me late for class.
by broke@college March 30, 2019
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A title that represents the song that mirrors the entire DB Fandom, a song that started it all. As Bubbly has been a huge part of our Donato x Belinda journey, the term Bubbly is also a great description for each DB's personality, fans filled with cheerful high spirits.
"What's your fandom name called?"
by snowbaeri March 02, 2021
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adj: fat, ugly and basic

Term used on dating websites and by 'friends' to describe unattractive people (normally women); often unaware that they are signalling that they are unattractive and basic.
I am very bubbly, and like going out as well as staying in.
by JonnTeee May 07, 2021
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