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The Woodlands, Texas. A rich, populous, modern community north of houston. It's called the bubble for the extreme disregard of reality. Here, teenagers believe they can drink, smoke, and have sex with everyone, then get accepted into any college because their rich parents will pay for another wing. As soon as you leave the dense cover of trees, all you will see is pavement. Everyone who hears of the Woodlands immediately thinks of snobby rich kids.
Dean: Dude, I went to a party in the Bubble last night. Craziest shit you will ever see.

John: Seriously? Did you drink, smoke, and have sex?

Dean: So much, man. I freaking love the Woodlands. But I wouldn't want to live there, the people are a bunch of snobby rich kids.

John: True dat.
by white.noise May 15, 2010

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