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A bubble fart is the excression of gas from the dirty brown hole of ones buttox. Bubble farts createss a warm sensational experience but may be followed by diareah. As soon as you hear the distinctive sound of a bubble fart, it is recommended to leave the room or building immediately for it is bound to smell like a pile of dead babies, burnt hair and mexicans.
Dude, last night i was bearbacking charles but he let out a warm and nausiating bubble fart. We are so threw.
by shymanski January 02, 2007
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A moist fart that seems to creep out of your butt-cheeks like a bubble. Often feels like it lurks in the crack for a few moments.
The only thing worse than Swamp-ass is the Bubble Farts that come with it....
by longrider700 January 30, 2015
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When a father and son experiance farts in the bath tub together, making the son giggle with happyness
I seen braeden today in the bath tub with his dad Jari enjoing bubble farts together
by Jari P. December 13, 2007
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