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a boy that is seen as perfect,loving,and amazing<3
sometimes tempermental, but you just gotta get on his good side:-*
easily loved!
oh mann, that boy's such a bryton. He's perfect!
by anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 19, 2009
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An amazing person who is nice and honest and will always be faithful in relationships. A guy to hang out with and will make you laugh till you puke. A guy every girl wants to fuck and has a big penis. He is so awesome he doesn't have to compensate by being mean or working out. A good friend to have for cheating in school and doing crazy shit.
Girl 1: Who is your new boyfriend

Girl 2: His name is Alex but he is a Bryton

Girl 1: Bitch I'm jealous

*Girl 1 walks away*
by that asian kid March 23, 2011
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an extreemly white gheto boy, uses tons of adjectives. does not know when to shut up AKA big mouth. pretty sure brytons dont have an inside voice. thinks everyone is hot.
ohh my gosh bryton, kim kardashian is not that hot!
by dfgjhdfklhbdf March 31, 2009
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The coolest guy you could ever think of. He is loving, caring, and a frigginbeast.
That guy is such a Bryton
by Brytolman July 01, 2018
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A sexy half black, half mexican girl with huge boobs and a nice ass. She is the nicest, prettiest, funniest, intelligent most amazing girl you will ever meet. Parents love her, and although she may cuss sometimes, she is the classiest lass. She loves the color blue, has black hair and (basically) black eyes, she loves clothes and she might have a shopping problem. She will only ever date white guys.
That girl is such a Bryton
by seanpsandstrom February 17, 2012
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