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The name of Brutha's 1st single off of "Vacancy", their highly anticipated sophomore album.
The "Sexaholic" song refers to a person who is powerless over their addiction to sex.

A person who is addicted to the intrigue, the tease, the forbidden.
A person who is dependent on sex, in order to continue living.

Brutha is responsible for turning thousands of women across the world into sexaholics.
I went to go see the doctor to find out what I had, he told me to listen to Usher, cause boy I got it bad. He said that I'm a sexaholic. (I can't get enough)
by MM_BruthaTeam April 25, 2010
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The name of the most talented R&B group in the music industry today. Brutha is signed to Island Def Jam and they were the stars of a popular BET show called Brothers to Brutha. This group is comprised of 5 actual brothers: Anthony, Grady, Jared, Papa, and Jake. In late spring/early summer of 2010, Brutha is expected to release their highly anticipated album called Vacancy. The first single entitled "One Day on This Earth" was written by R Kelly. The 2nd single is called "Sexaholic" and will be released very soon!
If you love Brutha, you should follow them on Twitter at twitter.com/brutha!!!

Brutha is the definition of true talent!
by MM_BruthaTeam April 11, 2010
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