A very great person who is very sexy, smart, and skilled. Great at being a leader and caring for his friends, he is also very loyal to his word.
Yo, did you see Bruno? He's a real team player.
by 《 An Enemy Stand User 》 October 25, 2019
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the term refers to the heavily homosexual movie "Bruno" and his homosexual exploits. You can use it to replace the term "no homo" before or after a sentence that can be confused o taken for a homosexual advance.

It is also an apology or a pardon for what I just said.
"This is mad hard, No Bruno"

"How do you like your nuts prepared, boiled or roasted. No Bruno"

"NO Bruno, pass me the sack of balls over there"

"Put this in your mouth, No Bruno"
by Supa!!! January 11, 2010
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He is very kind and caring! You can trust him with anything, it doesn't matter how bad or good. He will help you through your 'hard' times. He is a bit shy, but in the cute way!!! He has a sweet accent! <3 That just makes you smile! He is very good looking! He is very intelligent! He is very special and you will never meet someone quite like him =) And most importantly he is an amazing dancer!
Omg, he is a Bruno, I have never meet someone like him!
Omg, I wanna find my Bruno!
by Emogurl<3 January 30, 2014
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Bruno has a dick the size Donald Trump imagined his wall
Bruno’s dick is Yuggggge
by Make yo choice April 08, 2019
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Bruno's are really hot. they usually never get the girls but those they do get are either super loyal and nice or complete bitches. Bruno will keep on trying to get the same girl no matter how bitchy or annoying she is.
Josh: wow Bruno suck my dick
Bruno: No Homo bro
by THICCBOI27 March 18, 2018
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