a peron with dark hair, not an insecure, horny, trashy, dull, or annoying freak. brunnettes are JUST people with dark hair thats it! brunettes think they're better than blondes and blondes think brunettes are insecure and annoying because they think they're better than blondes! when they're both wrong! brunettes arent insecure and annoying while blondes aren't better than brunettes. just get over yoursleves!! GAH!!!
guy 1: look at that blonde over there
guy 2: what about her
guy 1: she's hot cause she's a blonde!
guy 2: what difference does it make its just hair!

guy 1:look at that brunette over there
guy 2:what about her
guy 1:shes hot cause she's a brunette!
guy 2:what difference does it make it's just hair!
by just another secure brunette January 30, 2007
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Boys like blondes, MEN like brunettes.
Brunettes are 'mariage material'.
only 14 years old boys jerk off to blondes.
by ___random___ May 21, 2007
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A hair color, common in most areas of the word. The second most common hair color, next to black. It is characterized by higher levels of dark pigment eumelanin and lower levels of the pale pigment phaeomelanin.

Most of the other defintions for "brunette" is full of bullshit. Brown hair isn't any more attractive than blonde hair or redhair, and to judge someone by physical appearance is shallow and idiotic. There are beautiful, elegant blondes (Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron), and beautiful, elegant brunettes (Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones). And of course there are redheads, which can be equally as stunning.

Oh, and by the way, most of the stupid bimbo blondes you see have either bleached their hair, assuming that guys think it's "cute", or have succumbed to peer pressure and decided, "Well, I guess I'll just act stupid because everyone already thinks that I am."
Idiot: Oh, she's a brunette, she must be really smart, but boring.
Intelligent Person: You dumbass. Hair color has nothing to do with personality or intelligence, you piece of shit.
by laksdfj;lksda October 17, 2007
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a girl with brown hair. Thats all it means!!!!!! Everyone who thinks brunettes are better or blondes are hotter needs to get a life. I'm brunette, u don't see me going "like Im so much smarter than that skanky blonde ho over there!"
a brunette is a girl that has brown hair.
by huggaboo May 13, 2005
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A female with dark hair, close to black but a bit lighter 1 or 2 shades (mostly). Being brunette doesn't mean that you are boring, dull, and uninteresting (though its common) because God create all hair colors are beautiful according to His image. Brunette hair can be as beautiful as blonde hair, red hair, and black hair I mean just look at Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Azhwara Rai, Angelina Jolie, Monica Belluci, and Kristen Stewart all have brunette hair and they all look drop-dead gorgeous, but it's at the inside which more important than hair color as long as you have great personality and confidence then you can pull-off your brunette hair beautifully. Blonde hair is nice too, but some of them are not that nice because of most the shades are too pale and washed out according to my taste (like Paris Hilton), blonde also looks a bit terrible with tanned skin especially if it's platinum blonde. So, to all the brunettes who reading this please don't be insecure about yourselves, it's not boring at all, it's nice.
Brunette hair are nice too, not dull and boring

Just as lovely as blonde hair, red hair, and black hair

Overall all hair colors are beautiful
by Asian cookie August 30, 2011
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The best way to be. Contrary to popular opinion, it is brunettes who have the most fun, not blondes, because we actually understand what's going on around us.
Wow, that girl is HOT man!! Toosh, buxom, looks AND she understands what I'm sayin'!
Yeah, whatcha expect? She's a brunette dude!
by 100%brunette February 13, 2004
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A woman with brown hair. Commonly mistaken to be more intelligent than a blonde, but uglier. Hair does not define personality or IQ. Blondes can be beautiful and intelligent (like Naomi Watts, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson), and so can brunettes (Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Aishwarya Rai). Either way, it's a haircolor.

Oh, and no offense to the authors of the other definitions, but some of them seem very insecure, saying "Brunettes have more fun" and "Blondes suck". Same for the idiots who trash brunettes. Don't say crap like, "Guys prefer blondes", because many prefer brunettes, or redheads.

Either way, let's grow up people. Quit being shallow.
Idiot: Hey, that chick is a brunette! It must mean she's really smart!
Smart person: Actually, she's kind of dizty and rude. Haircolor doesn't define someone's personality or IQ.
by the.marionette November 06, 2007
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