Noun: 1. A mexican/spanish shaman or sorcerer.
2. A witchdoctor.

Notes: A good shaman may have offered services, like healing the souls, while evil ones might be greedy, start curses, and run slave trades.
1. In The Missing (movie) that brujo was wicked and killed many people.
by Maekrix August 7, 2005
N. a worker of sorcery. male.
I am a brujo
by bill January 12, 2004
1. A man who is or considered to be a sorcerer, witch, enchantor or manifestor.

2. A person who is credited with having one of the nine different types of psychic abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, Clair empathy, clairescence, psychometry, precognition, psych-kinesis, telepathy, and mental influence.

3. One who works with energies, the elements for the purposes of manifesting spelled works.

4. A man that practices techniques that are used to magically control the course of events or the will of people.
Damn that brujo sexy, i think he put a spell on me.
by BrujaBaeHibou October 14, 2020
A witch/witchdoctor (male or female depending on o or a) that can shapes hit into an animal, or the reverse. Most comments associated animals are ravens, black cats, crows, owls, rats, and so forth.
Man, there is this raven that flies around here, we think it's a Bruja or Brujo.
by AstroKitty150 February 11, 2016