Come and join this server, oke ill BRT.
by 2xD June 17, 2003
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But real talk.

Used to stress that the truth is being told after some continuous joking.
bob: dude Jim is such an idiot.

Jim: what the hell man?

bob: dude just messing, brt, your a fucking dumbass.
by 1Z2Z3Z4Z November 4, 2009
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A BRT is a tour in a vehicle out on dirt roads most times to get drunk. Back,Road,Tour
hay jimmy want to go on a brt up over the mountian
by capelife September 5, 2011
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Bra Removal Time
by AsianTime January 23, 2012
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Shor form of "Be right there". Mostly used on online games.
player1: Hey I need your help! Come here at once!
player2: don't worry I'll brt!
by Verlaine June 7, 2006
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-Freddy hurry up
by Billwilldude January 28, 2008
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Back Road Trip. Smoking and or drinking usually on the backroads.
Damn homie, that BRT we went on yesterday got me blowed.

Lets roll a blizzy and go on a BRT

BRT = Driving Around Smoking
by Matty Cass November 11, 2007
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