- from blackout

* a long period of time of going without a turd
* person: "my guts were so twisted it was like there had been a 4 day brown out"

* person: "i've had a brown out for the last couple of days, do you think i should see the doctor? i'm worried i might start leaking at any moment"
by wigwams May 23, 2004
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A term used to describe the accidental unwanted release of faeces when clothed. This can be during times of diarrhoea or when over zealously trying to push out a fart for amusement.

The plain meaning is that the Brown (faeces) came out of the body.

When a brownout occurs the unfortunate victim usually suffers embarrassment, shame and has the need to head home.
Antony was the victim of a brownout on the way to the store and had to go straight home to shower and change his pants.
by blluefish1 June 07, 2009
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When large chunks of your day at work are taken up by a coworker talking about random crap that he doesn't know anything about.
I got nothing done today at work, I had a Brown Out
by Codym January 18, 2006
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Similar to a blackout but with your face in a literal pile of Shit.
When I woke up my glasses were covered in shit. I must have had a brown out.
by Stone Cold Stunner January 15, 2017
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When you smoke a large amount of tobacco and get a massive head rush to the point where you feel like passing out. Symptoms include, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
Dude that cuban we smoked is gonna make me brown out, im so head rocked!
by 204kush September 04, 2012
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