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getting so drunk/fucked up that you are only somewhat aware of what you are doing or what's going on and can only recall certain instances of the same.
i remember calling misty last night but don't know what i said because i was browned out.

by scoobie doobie August 19, 2008
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When you drink so much that everything goes brown. It's not as severe as a black out because you remember different bits and pieces.
Last night I got smashed and totally browned out, help me remember what happened.
by Crankytauren October 31, 2010
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When a drunk individual shits or defecates themselves or an object.

A "browned out" usually but not always occurs when a drunk individual blacks out. The individual often realizes the mess when they wake up the next morning.
Jude was soo drunk that he browned out the couch last night.
by c-radd August 31, 2009
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Its when a Mexican gets treated less than for looking like a Mexican.
"That cop pulled me over for nothing!"said Juan. "Damn homie you got browned out", yelled Jose.
by sfhog415 April 25, 2016
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