An adjective used for people that got disillusioned very badly. You would usually turn, become or get brown. Like when someone shits on you. Since the color brown is associated with shit so you get brown.
"Haha! Why did you color suddenly change?! Oh yes, you got brown this time. Really optimistic of you to think they would go with your idea."
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by NightLoneDigger February 19, 2021
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the color of beauty, kindness, confidence, but caring for others
you are the color brown :)
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by online color person April 05, 2021
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A team that has horrible luck like right now they are top 5 in the nfl ,but still 2nd in the AFC North because Pittsburg
in super bowl LI (51) the Falcons Brownsed it.
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by Browns fan 80 December 07, 2020
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