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Verb: To Brown Lip Is To Expel Shit Too close to the edge of the toilet seat so that you shit hangs stuck under the lip of the seat. Semi-permanent. May possibly also including Shit stain on seat (not always the case).
Holy Shit I Just Brown Lipped In the bathroom stall. It sucks for the next person who's shit has been foiled by my brown lip.
by Matt Cohen October 13, 2007
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when eating out someone's asshole, the one getting his/her ass eaten out has diarrhea into the ass eater's mouth, staining his/her lips a shitty brown color
Pete: Phil, why do your lips look like u just ate a turd?
Phil: That bitch last night gave me brown lips!
by Mung Master Pete October 24, 2006
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someone who sucks up to someone more powerful than they are, in other words to kiss someone’s arse.
John Howard is always kissing George Bush’s arse by worshiping him like a king, what a brown lips.
by bread infection December 09, 2009
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