A congregation or social gathering of bros where sexual interaction is commonplace and practiced through broshakes, asspats, and chestbumps among other bromosexual exchanges of bromantic intercourse.
David: Hey, I think I'm going to go to that party on Snelling.
Jack: Don't! I heard it's an all out brorgy.
David: Fuck. Thanks for telling me.
by 2PakJack (not tupac) September 13, 2008
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An event at which high concentrations of bros are present. Although sexual activity between aforesaid bros is typically absent, it is understood to be liable to erupt at any given time. A portmanteau of the the words "bro" and "orgy."
"Wow, that Jack Johnson show was a brorgy if I've ever seen one."
by alexthepagan August 07, 2008
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When a bunch of heterosexual men and no women get together and no one is quite sure what happened during that time.
A group of guys go on a skiing trip and when asked what else they did, they just laugh, in other words, they had a brorgy!
by Imbubba! November 25, 2011
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