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An accident involving a longboard, almost invariably piloted by a typical bro.

This type of accident is increasing exponentially on college campuses nation-wide, as bros-listening-to-iPods cruise to class, utterly oblivious of their surroundings. See figure below.

brollisions _100|--------------------------------X-
per___________| -----------------------------X---
Observer #1:"Dude - did you see that? Those two longboarders just had a head on collision!"

Observer #2:"That's no collision, man, thats a brollision. Sweet."

#1: "Super sweet"
by biking_beaver May 23, 2009
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Brollision - (n) (Bro - lish - shun) - an unfortunate event where you walk in to, bump, or graze someone from the Bro community. This event happens particularly frequently if there is a high density of Bro's around.
I accidentally went to the bar during the NCAA Basketball tourney....had like 10 Brollisions in 2 minutes.
by Marcus_msoe April 12, 2011
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