Getting juked so bad you fall down.
"Damn you got broken ankles after that."
by Bochy October 23, 2007
When you make a sports or athletic move to avoid, escape, or get around a defender and the move causes the defender to lose balance, miss the offender, stumble, or stare stupidly as the offensive player progresses.
1. person1: Did you see that cross over Allen Iverson put on Jordan?
person2: Yep, he broke his ankles.

2. "Get the angle, that's the ankles and there's no lookin back" - Refresh

3. Emmit Smith does a juke move to avoid two defensive players. The two defensive players collide into each other while trying to tackle the elusive Emmit. They both got their ankles broken.

4. You don't wanna see me on the ball court kid, I'll break your ankles with a wicked cross over followed by a Texas 2 Step.

5. person1: You see that spin move?
person2: Broken ankles.

by Douglas Teel October 24, 2007
An ankle that is broke.
Guy 1: *ankle snaps*

Guy 2: Dude, it looks like you have a broken ankle.
by AcualyIsStotty April 18, 2013
When You dribble so hard the person’s ankles give way
Man 1: *crosses over man 2* Broken Ankles

Man 2: *broken bone noises*
by TITTYSPRINKLES579 April 14, 2020
Broken ankles is a meme amongst weebs (anime fans). And popular on tiktok.
It refers to a Korean online comic called Killing Stalking, in wich the main character “ Sangwoo” holds “Yoonbum” prisoner in his basement and breaks his ankles using a baseball bat so that he wouldn’t be able to escape.
Sangwoo 🏺🧎🏻🏌🏼🦵: Yoonbum! Get back in the basement! I thought your broken ankles didn’t heal yet! Want me to break them again?
by YourSempai69 August 16, 2020
After one outplays someone else, they proceed to say smells like broken ankles. Has similar meaning of you just got burned/ owned. Origin of this word had yet to be credited untill now, was first heard in use by a group of guys who heard it from a BAMF looking fellow in a Best Buy. Since then it has been used by this group of people in their daily vocabulary
Guy 1: Man you really showed John who was boss today

Guy 2: Yeah, it started smelling like broken ankles on the court

Example #2
Guy 1: *Gets wrecked in videogame/ activity*

Guy 2: Smells like broken ankles Bitch! *violantly screaming in Guy 1's face*
by Ahovne011v2 September 28, 2011