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adjective describing a very successful endeavor with your best bro's.
Me and the boys had a very broductive night at the beach house. Some beer pong, some bitches, and a shit-ton of jager.
by JGG799 December 30, 2008
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Bro-duc-tive: adj.
Producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities with your bros.
Although the majority of us were extremely stoned, as a unit we were all quite broductive.

Since the reuniting of our tight knit friendship, our broductivity has been off the charts.
by Brofucius June 19, 2013
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Used as an adjective to describe an act of being abnormally active and useful with your bro. I.e, not spending your day being inebriated by noon.

Also to be used as a noun, Broductivity used to decribe the act of accomplishing useful deeds (working on trucks, yard work, chores, etc.) without the excesive consumption of alcohol or drugs aiding in the halt of being productive with a bro.
Dude, after doing all that yard work today, I feel like we were really Broductive.
by Mack attack January 17, 2016
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