to relax and/or engage in leisure activities with other bros; to chill with one or more bros
Noah: "What are you doing tonight?"
Matt: "Nothin, wanna brochill?"
Noah: "Yeah bro, I'll bring the gamecube"

Chris: "Bro, I'm stoked for this weekend"
Ryan: "Yeah, bro, it's gonna be gnarly- we'll ski all day and then brochill at the chalet."
by American Ninja January 24, 2008
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The act of sticking a man's penis into another man's asshole and staying locked in the position for an amount of time varying on how much you two are bros.

{The whole goal is to not be gay in doing the act, thus:}
There are only 2 positions: cowboy and reverse cowboy.
If you look into the other dudes eyes in the cowboy position, it is gay.
If you make a thrusting or any type of action in the lower abdomen, it is gay.
If you climax, it is gay. (pre-seminal fluids don't count)
If you talk to each other, it is not gay, unless you bitch or do something woman-like.
If you exchange love notes, it is gay.
If money exchanges hands, it is not gay under any circumstance.
Being a dedicated misogynist is encouraged.
Being a fag is accepted only if he does not break the rules.
Bro-rape is discouraged. To prevent this, use lubricant or vasoline for easier and less sore-enabling brochilling.
Dude, I think we need to brochill right now. I'm really depressed.

Brochilling's not gay bromo!
by anonymous98573 May 25, 2011
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Hanging out our chilling with a close or best friend. Usually involves lots of laughing, and doing nothing.
Dad: Sonia what are you doing today?

Sonia: Brochilling with Kyle for sure.

Dad: What are you guys gonna do?

Sonia: Chill you know, play some COD and do nothing
by Tara The Terrible December 24, 2010
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to chill with 1 or more bro's.
Niggah 1: i ended up bailin on that party bro

Niggah 2: alright yo you tryna brochill tonight?

Niggah 1: yeah yo ill bring the 360

Niggah 2: aiight thats wassup
by None of your business tool November 11, 2010
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When you've just gotten up, you're in pajamas, and you invite a friend over who happens to still be in pajamas also. Its chill as shit.
(On phone)
you: Hey wanna come over?
friend: Sure, I'm still in my pajamas though.
you: dude, I am too

friend: haha nice
you: just come over and we can pajama brochill!
by ibrochill420 November 8, 2010
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