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true bros. the bros within a group of bros. brobis like to do shenanigans on the weekends and get brussy (pussy). Broad Bread (road head) enough said.
This weekend I'm gonna hang out with my brobis and have some fun doing shenanigans.

Instead of hanging with my ho-bi, I am going to honor the Golden Brobi Rule and hang with my brobis.

The Brobi creators are Snarf Bro, Big Fin, Dan the Man, and Project P.
by Brobi Snarf February 04, 2011
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Bros doing buisiness, also known as Brobis. Brobis refers to a genre of reality television in which the primary focus is on a dudebro or group of dudebrodies taking part in some out of the ordinary vocational activity.
We spent all Saturday morning watching Destination Truth, our favorite Brobis show besides Ghost Adventures.
by Shademonger September 29, 2012
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