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A male(or rarely a female) who is often asked if he: 1) Is from England, 2) Is great, or 3) Can talk with a British accent.
A Britton generally has no idea why he is named Britton but will often times congratulate you if you spell his name right the first time.
"Hey, my name's Britton."

"Hey, I'm John. Are you from England?

"No, but its nice to meet you."
by The Ramen Eater November 11, 2011
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Hot, Sexy, and has a great personality. He cares and loves people. He likes girls with blonde hair! And is usually asked if he is from Britain.
(Person) Hey Britton

(Britton) Hey how are you

(Person) I'm great thx for asking
by Christopher Ball January 05, 2017
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Beautiful, sweet, affectionate, AMAZING person, caring, lovable, tough, intelligent, NON jew/freak. Loves Justins (ALOT). Basically, she is the best.
Britton bowls all the time and she's a ratard. For instance when the ball is thrown the wrong way.....
by wrx346 December 30, 2009
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A Britton, is oftentimes a spazzy kid who enjoys making others moderately uncomfortable. (The kind of uncomfortable where you tell the story of your encounter with said Britton, in a way that doesn't seem like it scarred you emotionally.) He, or sometimes she, likely dosen't give a crap what anybody thinks about him/her so he/she will be willing to act like a dingus in public and isn't afraid to be viewed as a fojangler. Also loves being around people.
Dan: Yeah, and then this weird Britton and I accidentally made eye contact, and he wouldn't look away and i couldn't for some reason... Haha, it was freaking weird!
Garth: Was it a creepy stare?
Dan: Nope, well yes, but in a funny way!
Garth: Oh, cool wanna go make animal sounds at people from in our car?
Dan: Heck yeah i want to!
Other Guy That Was Part Of The Conversation: You guys are a bunch of Brittons, I'm taking a nap.
by Arsonist Dave September 28, 2014
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Britton To be Gangster to the end, never stop being who you are and never wear matching clothes.
John was "Britton" to the end he didn't care what anyone thought.
by Cycle 1 December 13, 2011
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