Britishness is the state or quality of being British, or of embodying British characteristics.
"I couldn't get over his Britishness"
"I dated her because of her Britishness"
"My family is full of Britishness"
"I have more Britishness in my body than anybody else"
by DrDalek February 14, 2016
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How can the majority of British people be happy living in this stinking shithole? Don't get me wrong, it has some nice scenery and not everyone is to blame, the problem is the utterly backwards leadership.
Why do British people put up with this stinking dump? The sea is infested with human shit, nearly everywhere you go stinks of drugs/weed, feral kids are freely destroying property or harassing people in the street, and you can't hurt somebody's feelings with insults over the internet, or you get arrested for breaking some completely asinine law called Malicious Communications.

Leaders/police can't be bothered to deal with physical crime, but they'll take you away for shooting someone in the heart with the words coming from your mouth or keyboard. Remember that everyone else is allowed to verbally abuse you online even from other countries but you're not allowed to say a word back.

Rowan Atkinson did a great video on Britain's "free speech" problem. Ricky Gervais has made his feelings clear on how pathetic Britain's laws are, and I'm pretty certain John Cleese feels the same way as well. All 3 are pretty intelligent & funny people.

Leaders: Lets allow tons of illegals into the country and eliminate freedom of speech and expression to make the jobs of the police easier.

Utterly backwards country. Destroying itself from the inside out, the word Orwellian comes to mind.
Fucking stupid dump.
by Anti BS September 3, 2023
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To become British like. Adapting to British customs and mannerisms. Conforming to a British lifestyle.
Steve became Britishized after living in London for 5 years.
by G-off July 19, 2006
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by May 4, 2016
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Words and phrases that have to be said with a British accent.
"Man, that's Proper Hardcore!"
"Dude, that's a Britishism, you need to say it with a british accent."
by ThePurpleMage March 31, 2009
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the only race in the world who make a sport out of making fun of ourselves and each other. Heres its called slagging and it means you dont get beat up for making a joke about someone. we also complain about everything :weather, schools, food, work, tescos etc. not alot of people like us but hey if we didnt exist neither would a lot of other nations e.g united states.
Also not everyones accent is posh. in fact only a handful of people do. But every accent here is unique and unless you're from that place you probably wont understand a word that person is saying!
British slang:

What a minger


by sarah14 May 20, 2006
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Good people that have my respect any day. Any of my fellow Americans who trash talk the UK can go to hell. Likewise for any brit who trash talks Americans. Only uneducated and uninformed people(s) trash other nations people. It's okay to speak out against the government, but the government and people are too separate things. Usually these people who trash talk have never visited the other country, thus they judge their whole opinion on skewed media and television.
Fuck the ignorant assholes from America, UK, and all other countries who try and soil the wonderful ties between all democratic nations. I love all my European ancestors and hope they do the same.
by Cityindesert August 6, 2004
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