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Britishness is the state or quality of being British, or of embodying British characteristics.
"I couldn't get over his Britishness"
"I dated her because of her Britishness"
"My family is full of Britishness"
"I have more Britishness in my body than anybody else"
by DrDalek February 13, 2016
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Kind pleasant people you have to gain respect from.
Anybody who is a British citizen whether new citizens or not will have Britishness in them.
Britishness is having a dark sense of humour yet understanding it is a joke and not taking things very seriously.Britishness is being cool calm and collected when you have to be and Britishness is also be very respectful to all kinds of people no matter who they are. Britishness is about accepting people even if you don’t fully understand who they are or why they are.
Britishness is being able to make sounds and them have meanings for example ‘gobbldygoop’ which means someone’s talking absolute rubbish.
Britishness is considering ourselves better than the Americans as we are much much more accepting and have a lot less extremists. We would all like to meet an Aussie Canadian or a New Zealander as they seem very pleasant and very similar and very kind yet still not on par with Britishness.
There are lots of different types of Britishness throughout the 4 nations as Britishness is very regional unlike the USA where everything is much bigger and most slang is the same everywhere.
‘Britishness is great
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by Britannia Rules the waves! October 28, 2020
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