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Look at his brickface, it changes never, think once more if you really want to date this possible scumbag...
by SiegrunH2 June 21, 2013
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A brick face is a person that is so ugly that it looks like their face was beaten with a brick
by Obsidian Armisis January 17, 2005
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when your face looks like its been hit by a brick repeatedly.
Jaber: Hey guys look at my girlfriend.
Guy1: Damn she's brickfaced.
by Anthony March 11, 2004
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a person (usually male) with a rectangular face shape and jaw line,and a red complection, often cause by spots.
"harry you're a brick face"

"harry have you ever got lost in a construction site?"
"go away!"
by wibble wobble. January 31, 2011
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A cr00sh canberra hardcore band said to be most influential in 21st century hardcore. Combining fast paced drums, and grim vox the band are often said to be "the most ferocious band to come from the nation's captial"- Jakey Irz, xHCx pioneer
Rumours were started in early 2008 about the bands member having rap alias's, L-Pahrtee, the drummer, said to have been in the original line up of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Irz: Yo dawg, heard you like bricks on ya face, so we put brickface on a brick in YA FACE so ya can listen to brickface with a bricked face!
Mac: yeah carnt, yooza dawg
by Whiskers Trollzington May 17, 2009
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Brick Face is some on with such a huge head that the resemble the building blocks of a house..
omfg look @ nick his heads so big he looks like u cud fucking build a mansion with him
by jimBean January 13, 2005
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A "brick face" is someone who, if you so happened to turn a corner and see, and if you just so happened to be holding a brick, you would then, without hesitation, procede to hit them in the face with the brick. Its absolutly important that there is NO heitation, or the use of the word is innaccurate.
Oh dude did you see that chick, toatal Brick Face!
by Loading............ January 22, 2011
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