brian may: a man that should be protected at all costs. the guitarist of a band called queen, now starring Adam Lambert, then, Freddie Mercury. May is a man that wrote many hits such as “We Will Rock You”, and “Fat Bottomed Girls” for Queen. He is a bean and if anyone hurts him, everyone will be mad.
Have you seen Brian May?
Yes! He should be protected at all costs because he is a grandpa to everyone
by n_e_h_o_w March 14, 2019
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A dedicated and skilled guitarist and songwriter best known for his role in the British classic rock band Queen. Despite being slightly overshadowed by singer Freddie Mercury, May has contributed largely to the Queen catologue and, being overall the most well-versed guitarist out of the four Queen members, was invaluable to the group. He penned many of Queen's finer tracks, including "White Queen," "Brighton Rock," "The Prophet's Song," "Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)," and of course the world-famous "We Will Rock You." His trademark as a guitarist is the large amount of overdubs he often employs in his work, such as the solo to "Killer Queen".

May also has an intense interest in astrophysics; in fact, he was earning his PhD in the early days of Queen, but dropped out of college to work on music full-time. Then, in 2007, he picked up where he left off and officially attained his PhD. He has also co-written a book on the history of the universe.

Brian May (or, rather, the 1970's version of May) is often lusted after--or, put more innocently, "crushed on"--by female Queen fans who sometimes identify themselves as "Mayniacs." Not that the author of this definition has anything in common with those people, of course...*nervous laughter*
Brian May's excellence as a guitarist and songwriter is apparent on tracks such as "Brighton Rock" and "The Prophet's Song."
by lollylollylollyPOP!!! February 12, 2008
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1 Legendary guitarist, best known for his work with the rock band Queen.
2 One of the few people who suffers from a rare and obscure syndrome that makes it impossible for him to change his hairstyle.
3 Part time astronomer, author, guitar for hire and hero.
4 Writer and performer of some hugely succesful pop and rock songs.
5 Possible genius
6 Former partner of Anita Dobson (actress best known for UK soap Eastenders) - no comment.
7 The man who wrote and performed "Who Wants To Live Forever". For that alone, if nothing else, he deserves praise.
Brian May Freddie Mercury John Deacon Roger Taylor Anita Dobson
by Rendevous August 17, 2009
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Brian May is the guitarist of the British rock band Queen. Brian started a band in 1968 with the name Smile and the members were Brian May (of course), Roger Taylor, and Tim Staffell. The band was then renamed Queen in 1970. Brian May continued his career as a guitarist even after the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991 and John Deacon's retirement in 1997. He, along with Roger Taylor, continue to perform along with Adam Lambert.

Brian May also has a degree in Astrophysics and has authored many books.
Brian May is the guitarist of Queen.
by The-Invisible-Deaky March 28, 2019
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If you harm him you will serve life in jail. He's the guitarist of the band QUEEN. If you love him to the bone you must watch the videos he releases at midnight.
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Guitarist for one of the greatest bands of all time, Queen. He wrote more songs than any member of the band other than Freddy. He is quite possibly the greatest guitarist ever to grace this earth with his blissfully lascivious guitar playing.
Briam May was a cornerstone of the best band in the world during the 70's.
by folville August 12, 2005
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Brian may ''is part of a band called Queen'' and is a badger dad who is also a astrophysicist and because of that the song 39' was written, he is also the most softest grandpa ever and must be protected. he ends sentences with

(he is way much more you will just have to find out yourself)
me: have you seen that picture of Brian may wearing a space helmet?
by badger dad. August 28, 2019
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