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A white queen is a female who has encountered too many white knights and is on a high horse. Feeling so good about herself after an abundance of unnecessary complements, she will think she is out of any guys league. However, the reality of it is that most white queens are fat whales or 6/10's. They receive the abundance of compliments from the majority of males that are too afraid of approaching 9/10s, and therefore settle for the lower grade of female in hopes of avoiding rejection.
Jeff: "Look at all those guys white knighting Katie..."

Bert: "No thanks Jeff...She walks around thinking and acting like she's so hot. She's a 6/10 at best. She's definitely a white queen."
by BraVin February 15, 2013
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White woman of any nationality with intellect, who embraces her heritage without feeling superior to any other race, culture or nationality.
I have alot of respect for her. She interacts with others. She excels at what she does. A white queen.
by Real75690 October 14, 2016
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When a man goes aa whole week without jacking off or having sex, so that he doesn't cum, and then blows his enormous saved up load all over her face. Making her the White Queen.
I made my girl my white queen last night, Now she wants to go another week without sex.
by Frost yourselves. March 01, 2016
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