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The Master Level in the three stages of Bro

Bro - Moderate Sweetness Level
Brough - High Sweetness Level
Breaux - Exceptional Sweetness Level
"Andrew had a 26 beer high wizard staff"
"He is such a breaux"
by Nothings Frattier Than America October 29, 2007
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Synonym for bro, brah, or brajh, but in this case it's that guy in the bro crew that is fully cajun and all of his family memebers live in new orleans or anywhere in Louisiana for that matter. this "breax" has to be obsessed with his cajun roots and remind everyone that he is cajun whenever he hears a good rapper from new orleans. he is usually down for whatever and listens strictly to underground rap that his other bros listen too. some nights he is the alpha-bro in the squad that hosts bro nights at his crypt and does whatever he can to piss off neighbors during these nights.
Bro 1: Dude i'm so fucking tired of Sean talking about himself being from New Orleans and all that Cajun shit.

Bro 2: Shut the fuck up dude don't talk like that about him. Are you forgetting that he's the Breaux of this group? We can't afford to lose him.

Bro 1: I guess you're right. Wanna get shit-faced?

by Brostradamus IV October 30, 2009
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Breaux is the international design label spearheaded by Mateo Breaux. Breaux Company manages the design, production, distribution, finance and sales of the Breaux label.
That Breaux piece your wearing is gorgeous!
by Mocean May 16, 2016
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