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Bruh that's rough - bruh + rough = brough.
When a bro goes through a rough time or has experienced something rough.
Instead of saying "Damn bro, that's rough" you could say "Brough".
Bro 1: "My kitchen just burned down"

Bro 2: "Brough"
by celocylis September 21, 2020
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Berr-uff (n.)

The low sonorous fart that starts off sounding like a burp but ends up 'fizzling out' at the end... can often be affected by following through and therefore should be attempted only when sat on the toilet.
Wooster laughed.

"You may think this bally foolish of me Jeeves, old sport, but yesterday I risked a brough over at the Twamley's residence... Bally lucky I hadn't eaten the pea soup, what?"

"Indeed sir" replied the snooty butler.

From "Sniff That Jeeves" by F.U. Shithouse.
by Neil Baxter October 08, 2005
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