1. To stop.
2. To leave your boyfriend/girlfriend
I had to break up the party.
I had to break up with Morty.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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when a guy and a girl decide not to continue dating or 'going out'
she had a bad break up with her boyfriend

they broke up last week
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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The word "breakup" should never be used with marriage. A breakup is a bummer, a divorce is a tragedy.

Now, for a man, a breakup is usually the best decision you could ever make. Generally, leaving a girl you don't see yourself with is tough but ultimately awesome. And if she broke up with you, that's a drag but that's proof of her lack of good judgment. Ditch her.

For a woman, though, a breakup is one of the worst things that you could ever do. For any man to tie himself down to a woman at all in this culture is an incredible thing - you don't know what you're missing. Ladies, if you were the one broken up with, sorry - Jesus is the only man you can count on to never leave you, all the rest can be flakes.

Worth saying - if you're not a man or woman, but rather a boy or a girl, get over it. You're too young to care about breakups.

And yes I'm still bitter. Of course.
When Jill dumped James, James was sad because he actually cared about her. But the breakup ended up being the best thing for him - he found Sarah, she realized the treasure he is, and they got hitched soon after. However, old Jill floated around from boy to boy but never found true love again and eventually died lonely, childless, and hopeless.
by Mr. Gaga, yo. September 01, 2010
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They will break up,because they dont have enough in common
by Oz August 18, 2003
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When two people who were in a relationship have decided to end it. And they ither A) avoid each other. B) Hate each other. Or C) Are still good friends.
Breakup- We broke up the other day after being in a relationship for 3 weeks. And were still friends!
by Kellyelly123 August 03, 2008
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it means the ending of a relaitonship
"i was so stressed after the break up with jason, i thought that nobody would ever love me any more boo hoo"
by . August 17, 2003
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