means be right back. And what loser pays to use AOL? Damn Bizzle, you guys dumb.
by ceuillez April 24, 2003
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In certain choirs, it stands for "Back Row Basses"
by John May 23, 2004
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Bath Room Break
Be Right Back
Morgan223: hey nice weather we are having

Sidney445: Yeah i agree with you

Morgan223: brb

Sidney445: okay
by Entering_Kip August 18, 2006
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Person: hey, brb
Person 2: YEA I KNOW
Person: What do you mean you know??
Person 2: boobs are beautiful (i know that)
Person: no i meant ill be right back
Person 2: oh, ok ..HURRY
by LUKE November 15, 2004
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Brb = Be right back
... = Silence

So the person who said brb... either
A) Wants you to disapear
B) Has something going on yet they dont know when they will be back
C) Something really odd is going on like if cyborg pirate ninja jesus was trying to sell them cookies
D) Adds on the ... without knowing what the damn thing means.

Billybob: OMFG lost soooo much money at the dog races today.
Jimbobjoe: Well maybe you should bet on the rabbit next time! lulz
Billybob: Brb...

Brandi: Hey Steve whats up!
Steve: n2m u?
Brandi: Nada brb...
by Your Hero October 19, 2007
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Big Red Ball. preferably rubber or plastic, if you insist.
After spending a sensible amount of time in front of the computer, many users enjoy the simple satisfaction of playing catch with a BRB.
by Lt. Handjob September 09, 2005
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