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Dark Alleyway Interactive Map
by far the best map used for the ravenblack Dark AlleyWay vampires game. A privately owned and designed map, the DAIM features an interactive map with capability for multiple pire use, directions to the closest banks, pubs, and transit stations, as well as locations of all guilds and custom destination maps that tell you the exact number of squares to the location and if using the public transit will get you there faster. The DAIM is free but a premium version is available with a $5 donation but the free version works just fine. All of the hotshot pires in the city use it including Lord Capadocious and Lord Bubbleknight.
A: the Discount Magic is currently near Zestless & 17 but I'm only at Pessemism & 86th, how do I get there before it moves in an hour?
B: just use your DAIM, see, it's 137 moves away if you walk, or 72 if you go to the Urania station, which is 20 squares southwest, and take it to Erato. Of course you could just use a scroll of teleportation and get it done in 2 moves...
by silent17 August 31, 2006
BathRoom Break. That is where most of the people go when they say brb ya know.
"hey I'll brb"
"k" *1 hour later*
"that wasn't <i>right</i> back. Did you fall in?"
by silent17 February 22, 2004
something you say when you can't think of anything else to say, or if you just want to insult someone without thinking too hard. Can also be varied in response.
guy #1 - "Dude, shut up"
guy #2 - "yeah well, your mom!"
guy #1 - "well uh, <i>your</i> mom!"
guy #2 - "yeah well, your mom's daughter's mom!"
guy #1 - "your mom's mom's mom's grandson's son's mom!"
guy #2 - "your sister!"
guy #1 - "YOU BASTARD!!" *he hits guy #2 with a fantastic right hook*
by silent17 February 22, 2004
A way to describe something that is both strange and odd at the same time. Or odd in a strange way. It could be used to describe math or just general actions or items. It could also be used in surprise that something is odd and you did not expect it to be, therefore the strangely sort of odd.
I found it Strangely Odd that there were two circular rainbows around the sun that day... Others may have thought that it was Strangely Odd that I was standing in the middle of a football field staring up into the sun.
by silent17 January 8, 2004
for me it applies to a bi boy who is very charismatic to the point of glowing when he enters a room and he has a wonderful smile and the only way to describe how he looks is prettyful because he's more than pretty and also sort of puppy-cute and warm at the same time. Quite graceful too you could say.
Daniel's purple coat makes him look very prettyful today.
by silent17 May 2, 2004
A word, phrase, picture, symbol, definition, clothing, genre, subculture, etc that has been marketed by hot topic brand stores origianlly favoured by the people of certain subcultures, leading to over-use of the word, phrase, thing, idea, clique, etc so that anyone can think that they are of the subculture by buying that item. The item therefore becomes abused and is eventually abandoned by the original subculturists but still remains as a sterotypical symbol of the subculture, later being a source of quick mockery or use by posers.
"You laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh because you are all the same!"
"Dude, do you think that saying that makes you unique and special? that phrase has been so hottopic-ed that you aren't different at all, you're exactly the same as the 3 million other people who own that on a shirt, bumper sticker, mug, patch, hoodie, etc. you aren't different, you're exactly the same... you hypocrite."
by silent17 March 22, 2004
When you cram more people in a car than are leagally supposed to be based on seatbelt regulations. This can include people sitting on laps, being locked in the trunk, laying on top of eachother, crammed in so tight that you can't move or your face is pressed up against the window.
It was a rainy day and we needed a ride to the coffee shop so Olivia let us clown car it. Olivia drove, Azelea sat in the passanger seat with Shorty on top of her, Daniel, Mindy, Eric, and about five backpacks were in the back, and Alix was in the trunk with the rest of the backpacks. I jumped in on top of Daniel and Eric and got a little closer to them than I had ever wanted to. The windows were so steamed that the three cops who drove by wouldn't have been able to tell that there were many people in the car at all. We totally clown carred it.
by silent17 August 13, 2005