The noise made mainly within franchised fast food outlets to inform the clerk that the occupant would like a bacon wrap hence "Brap" the rolling p is a mixture between inner city Madrid life and north London sub-culture
"Excuse me what would you like to order?"
by Chazzerbrent January 19, 2008
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A mixture between blunt and wrap
A fucking awesome to talk about getting fucked up in secret (:
Hey, can you take me to Sheetz to get a Brap?
by kaybug n sisi April 23, 2011
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1. Brap - To Brap off to something i.e Porn
Brap - To Brap on webcam to another girl
2. Brapped can be used for past tense
1. Matt: 'Hey Paul are you coming out or what?'
Paul: 'Dude im Brapping on cam'
Matt: 'OK'

2. Andrew: 'I Just Brapped'
by Rawly March 04, 2008
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When a girl creeps your boyfriend and shes being all sneaky about it.

Someone who flirts with someone they shouldn't on facebook.
She's a brap.

You're a brap.

What a brap, shes is creepin' my boyfriend!
by Ester Vance March 23, 2010
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