much similar to the word broheem. a brotha that is cool a friend that is very close to you and you want to get stupid with
steven:yo braheem
roman:what up nigga
steven:wanna get hecka hyphee after school since were braheems
roman:hell ya
by roman merrell March 18, 2008
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Cute cross-eyed fuck boy with a possible big dick
I can't tell where that nigga braheem looking at with his player ass.
by Bigyolo November 25, 2018
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A genuine person who is often misunderstood. A strong soul who loves deeply in his own way he may not show it all the time but he appreciates those close to him. Despite his good looks Braheem has a DARK SIDE and will cut you off if he ever has to question your loyalty.
I love Braheem but I’m scared to talk to him
by Gilrine November 23, 2021
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